Stephen Moody is serving as our Transitional Pastor. During 2017, Stephen has moved from Inquirer to Candidate under the care of Presbytery of Arkansas. He is taking classes as a distance student at Dubuque Theological Seminary in Iowa.

John Churchwell is our Organist.
Rev. Howard "Flash" Gordon is Minister Emeritus of First Presbyterian Church.
He has recently served at St. Giles Cathedral of Edinburgh, Scotland. Gordon was installed as minister in January 1993 and faithfully served until he retired and was named Minister Emeritus in May 2009.

Born in Homer, La., Gordon earned a B.A. from Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C. and a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, Va. Gordon studied economic development as a Merrill Fellow at Harvard and business ethics as a Research Fellow at Yale. He also learned to speak Spanish at a school in San Jose, Costa Rica.