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Tudor B. Williams Scholarship


Elizabeth S. Williams created the Tudor B. Williams Scholarship Fund in 1997 in memory of her husband, Tudor B. Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Williams were longtime members of First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock (FPC LR), were promoters of education, and assisted many people in their educational pursuits.


When the Tudor B. Williams Scholarship Fund was created, Mrs. Williams gave the Session of First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock discretion to manage and administer the Fund. Members of the Scholarship Committee, established by Session, review applications and determine awards.

Qualifications to Receive Scholarship

To qualify for a Tudor B. Williams Scholarship, applicants must be a member of First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock, or a child or grandchild of a member, and must have financial need. Award must be used for tuition and books in pursuing a degree at an accredited college or university.

In addition, applicants must satisfy one of the following:
  1. High school student or recent high school graduate must have at least a "B" grade point average (GPA), or its equivalent, in high school.
  2. An applicant who has completed credits in a college or university must have at least a "B" GPA in last two semesters of school completed.
  3. An adult church member who has been out school for ten or more years, defined herein as a nontraditional student, is not required to show proof of a "B" GPA on the initial application. For subsequent applications, applicant must have at least a "B" GPA in last two semesters of school completed.
Amount of Awards

The amount of money available each year will vary, since only the income may be used for scholarships. The amount available for scholarships in any given year is determined by the income the previous year. Some years there may be no money available for scholarships. The money may be awarded to one or more individuals. Awards are for one year and applicants must apply each year to be considered.

Application Forms

Scholarship applications are available in the church office and are due by June 1 of each year. Transcripts, if required, must be sent as soon as available after June 1. Later applications will be considered, if money is available. Awards are made for one year. Applicants may reapply each year until completion of degree requirements. Award will not be made until transcripts are provided. Award letters will typically be mailed out by July 1.

The church office will provide either a hard copy or an electronic application via email or download here.
Church office: 501-372-1804
Church email: scholarship@firstpreslr.org

Return printed, signed application to:

Chair, Tudor B. Williams Scholarship Committee
First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock
800 Scott Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

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