Sunday school is available for all ages on Sunday morning starting at 10:00 a.m. Childcare is available during Sunday School hours (10:00-10:50). 

Education is a significant aspect of our church life. Our education program attempts to provide a balance of educational opportunities in biblical literacy, theological study and the history of our faith as it has evolved from ancient times through the reformation and into our present day. We attempt to understand where this faith has led us and is leading us. At this time, we are particularly trying to understand what it means to be reformed and always reforming in the light of scripture. 

Children (10:00 a.m.) 

The children’s Sunday school class utilizes the “Feasting on the Word” curriculum. Our Sunday school class focuses on loving God and our neighbors and learning about the Bible, elements of worship, and our religious tradition. We teach respect for other people and other religious traditions. 

Adult Education (10:00 a.m.) 

Since its beginnings in the sixteenth century, the Reformed Protestant tradition has emphasized the importance and necessity of education for all of its members. Consequently, adult instruction plays a significant role at First Presbyterian Church of Little Rock by providing ample occasions for responsible spiritual growth and reflection. 

The adult class provides a balance of educational opportunities in biblical literacy, theology and church history as well as discussion of contemporary political, social and economic issues. Participation always involves lively readings and discussion. Among other things, over the past few years we have: 
  • studied the Arkansas Institute of Government’s published analysis of race relations in Little Rock; 
  • discussed Victor Paul Furnish’s The Moral Teachings of Paul; 
  • closely examined the biblical books of Genesis, Joshua, Mark and Revelation; 
  • critiqued Yaroslav Trofimov’s Seige of Mecca; 
  • inquired into the problem of evil by reading the biblical Book of Job, I. A. Richards’ Job’s Comforting, Neil Simon’s God’s Favorite and Robert Frost’s Masque of Reason; 
  • discussed Elaine Pagel’s The Gnostic Gospels; 
  • respectfully studied the history, theology and practices of several American religious groups by utilizing the Handbook of Denominations in the United States; 
  • compared and contrasted the western just war theory and the jihâd doctrine; and, 
  • surveyed the history and significance of the church’s doctrinal statements by reading Conversations with the Confessions. 
The adult class is always open to challenging topics and texts that will enrich our worship, sense of vocations, missions, discipleship, stewardship and community. Additionally, short-term studies (such as adult catechism instruction) or sustained courses (such as the Disciple Bible Studies series) can be arranged. First Presbyterian Church members may also have the opportunity to participate in retreats, conferences and seminars. The church library has many adult (as well as child) resources that can be checked out through the main church office.